From the recording Album 2022

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Children often dream of being a superhero. For me, it was Superman, the man of steel. Of course, I outgrew that fantasy as I got older, but looking back, I wonder if this was wise. What I mean is we all need to reach as high as we can to truly realize everything we’re capable of. We all have the potential to soar as long as we’re given the opportunity. So, here’s to the everyday superheroes who gave it everything they had… and to those who helped them get there.


If I Were Superman

If I were President, they'd put my face on a four-dollar bill
If I were King, my reign would rouse a thrill
If I were a Builder I’d build forever if I were a Painter, I’d paint the day
If I were a Millionaire, I’d buy whatever caught my eye
And if I were Superman...I’d fly.

If I were a Cowboy, I’d shoot the fastest gun
If I were a Runner, I’d make the longest run
If I were a Lion, I’d rule the jungle If I were a river I’d flow in peace
If I were a Spaceman I’d go to every star in the sky
And if I were Superman...I’d fly.

But I’m just a kid from Brooklyn trying to keep my dreams alive
I don’t have a lot of money, but I always seem to get by
Maybe someday my luck will change maybe I’ll make a plan
But, till that happens you’ve gotta understand...

If I were a General, I’d bring peace to every war
If I were Music, I’d play on every shore
If I were a Hero, I’d save the day if I were a poet, I'd touch your soul
If I were a detective, I’d solve the toughest crimes

And if I were Superman...oh my If I were Superman.……I’d fly