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The Book of the Divine

The picture on the wall sent a shiver down my spine
I should have turned away but it caught me by surprise
I can’t believe a gaze can go so deep inside
Went out right away and bought the Book of the Divine

Walking down the street I saw a ring so fine
Took it to the jeweler he said it wasn’t worth a dime
Once again been fooled by a superficial shine
Should have kept my eyes on the Book of the Divine

The man I knew was humble a quality so fine
He set a course in life and always walked the line
A servant of the Lord and a lover of mankind
All because he delved into the book of the divine

The trail that I have taken didn’t have a guide
Wish I would have picked a path that didn’t slip and slide
I learned from my experience but forty years went by
I’m gonna raise my child on the book of the divine

The voice inside my head annoys me all the time
I tried a little whisky then I had a bit of wine
One night I was astonished when that voice abruptly died
When I said a word from the book of the devine

What if one’s a dreamer and puts on a disguise
I went to a philosopher to see what he’d advise
First he took my money then he told me lies
I could tell he never looked inside the book of the divine