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News About Gedalya

Presenting to the World Gedalya, the Folk-Rock Rabbi  

Mixing Rich and Beautiful Folk and Rock Music: Presenting to the World Gedalya, the Folk-Rock Rabbi 

Creating magic with each track, Gedalya is on the right path to become an authentic indie sensation with his beautiful folk and rock musical…

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News About Gedalya 

My Little World available now on all major music platforms after successful run as a exclusive 

(New York) Even after finishing 2020 with a new album, the launch of an online music outreach not for profit and the development

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Concert Dates


Gedalya @ Gedalya Live at Shrine NYC

Gedalya Live at Shrine NYC, New York, NY

Gedalya also known as The Folk Rock Rabbi is a singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his music is reaching a growing audience around the globe, touching listener’s hearts in every corner of the world.