Folk Rock Rabbi Gedalya releases newest music video “Cruel to the Kind”  

Latest release explores a world without law enforcement 

(New York) Ever positive and always catchy, Gedalya, known around the world as the Folk-Rock Rabbi has released his newest music video, “Cruel to the Kind,” a tongue-in-cheek look at a world without law enforcement. 

The video is available to view on YouTube and is one of 90 videos on his channel and is also currently available to download for free on Gedalya’s website,, home to his entire catalogue. 

“Members get access to a huge amount of materials,” he said. “Access to streaming, exclusive access to the YouTube channel, and steeply discounted downloads are all perks to those that sign up at

While almost all of Gedalya’s music contains a message for the listener, “Cruel to the Kind” is perhaps one of his most potent and timely releases. 

“I understand why some may believe law enforcement cause unrest in some limited places and situations, but in general, society benefits from their continuing sacrifices,” Gedalya said. 

For those unfamiliar with the artist, he hopes this release can be a gateway to his uplifting missives. 

“It’s always a blast to put together a video to accompany a song that I am passionate about,” Gedalya said. “But for my fans that have subscribed to my website, they are getting exclusive access to my entire catalogue, including all of the videos available on my YouTube channel.” 

He encourages those that go to the website to hear or download the song to take a moment and say hello in the guestbook.

“It’s so encouraging to hear from fans how my songs have made an impact in their lives,” Gedalya said. “And I love to see people from across the U.S. and the globe checking in. Every song, every video and every concert is for them, and it warms my heart to see so many that have taken the time to visit and listen to my music.” 

Gedalya’s music is known for its light upbeat style, while containing powerful uplifting messages in the lyrics. 

With “Cruel to the Kind,” Gedalya explores a world without the security of law enforcement. 

“I believe that the world is a much better place thanks to the efforts of police everywhere,” Gedalya said. “With the continuing work of those that keep us all safe we are free to celebrate and mourn, worship and strive for a better life, all thanks to their selfless efforts. Without them the world would truly be lost to chaos.” 

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