After a year of adaptation, Gedalya settles into 2021 with new music featured on website and beyond  

Artist known as the Folk-Rock Rabbi reflects on building a brand while searching for more ways to connect with his audience 

(New York) While no one can deny the overwhelming challenges many faced in 2020, Gedalya, known as the Folk-Rock Rabbi, tried to make the most out of the difficult situation by utilizing his infectious positive attitude to record music and develop innovative ways to connect with his fans. 

“For me it’s not just about music,” Gedalya said. “it’s about finding that light at the end of the tunnel or enjoying the rainbow after a storm. The ‘Folk-Rock Rabbi’ has always been about grace and the efforts this year reflect that persona.” 

A significant thread throughout Gedalya’s music is a message of understanding, stemming from a place of peace and acceptance. Being the Folk-Rock Rabbi also means being a bridge to different ideas through music. 

“When we understand each other, we can begin to love one another, and that is what it is all about,” Gedalya said. 

As a way to help spread music that carries a positive message, he also runs A New Song, a not-for-profit dedicated to spreading positive music. 

He also spent 2020 finding ways to help his fans find his own music by making his entire catalogue available through 

“For a while now, I have wanted to have one place for my fans to find out about my latest releases, or live performance information,” Gedalya said. “So I spent 2020 making that a reality.” 

Now he said, even more features are on the way. 

“Very soon, I hope to have a live virtual ‘backyard concert,’ on the website,” Gedalya said. “That will be so much fun and I’m hoping we can work that out. Keep an eye out for details soon.” 

Another feature on the horizon is free downloads with sign-up. 

“For my subscribers not only can they get exclusive access to my latest news, we hope to include free downloads soon,” he said. 

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